Be Brave, move Forward!

Learn How to become Happy During and After A Divorce

Life has so much in store, even after a painful divorce. Finding happiness again is the greatest gift to give to oneself. Be brave in moving forward. Tasha Mayes Brookman the Author of "The Pursuit of Happiness After a Divorce.

Each page showed a new pain, a new adversity and a new challenge to the book’s main character and how she persevered during the most daunting circumstances of betrayal, miscarriages, fights, addictions and more. At the brink of her most heightened pain and when contemplating suicide, Ariella takes action to get her life back on track. The later parts of the book shows the lessons she learned, insights she gleamed and actions she took to start over in her life

This book explains how to be brave and move forward, I did it, and how you can too.

This eBook PDF contacts pages of resources, tools, reflections an excercises.

You’ll Learn:

  • Identify the red flags that you see in your relationship
  • Develop and find a support system that you can confide in.
  • identify the problems in your relationship and find solutions to repair them or yourself
  • Discover truth, and mediate and observe teh faces to take a course of action.

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  • This book was exactly what I needed... a very inspirational, and wonderful reminder that there is life after divorce.

    Amazon Buyer

  • The author gives an honest look at her life, tragic situations and how she coped and eventually healed and grew.

    Cleaning Lady

  • It’s very hard to put this book down. It’s an honest, vulnerable and powerful account of one woman’s journey of love, a relationship gone wrong and self-discovery.


  • Throughout your work, your narrative voice is great – very familiar and easy to follo.


    Outskirts Press

Tasha Mayes Brookman

About the Author

Please use my story as a tool to help you identify the red flags that might appear in your relationship. I want to help you identify the problems and address them with solutions. This book will help you move forward with your relationships for a positive future outcome. I will help you expose the excuses and lies and help you discover the truth regarding your relationship.

You will meditate on your current relationship and learn how to become healthy and successful. Stop finding excuses to stay in a chaotic marriage and start taking the steps required to fix it. I believe that if you seek the truth it will set you free. If you ask for something and earnestly look for it, you will find your answer. I am a mother of 2 children residing in the Ohio Area.