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buynowbookbuttonIt’s very hard to put this book down. It’s an honest, vulnerable and powerful account of one woman’s journey of love, a relationship gone wrong and self-discovery.

Each page showed a new pain, a new adversity and a new challenge to the book’s main character and how she persevered during the most daunting circumstances of betrayal, miscarriages, fights, addictions and more. At the brink of her most heightened pain and when contemplating suicide, Ariella takes action to get her life back on track. The later parts of the book shows the lessons she learned, insights she gleamed and actions she took to start over in her life.

The conversational and down-to-earth nature of this book made it an easy and interesting read but you’ll share the pain and grief of the main character throughout. The book will suck you in quickly and take you on the painful journey of the main character. You’ll be rooting for her to take her life back into her own hands, learn the lessons which were in store for her and escape from the nightmarish relationship and marriage. As difficult as the circumstances in this book were, it left me with a feeling of hope, peace and belief in a new day.